between 19th and 20th century this locality became a home to many outstanding personalities and during this era many architectonically interesting buildings were built. Street Pavla Švandy ze Semčic is named after a famous director and an actor who not far from this place established one of the Prague’s leading theatre scenes – Švanda’s Theatre. A lot of artists and historians used to live here – Kamil Krofta, Minister of Foreign Affairs between years 1936-1938, or Josef Pekař and his teacher Jaroslav Goll. Coincidentally, famous Czech actress Nataša Gollová, Goll’s granddaughter, used to live here as well with French poet and Dadaist Tristan Tzara. Writer, playwright and publicist Jaroslav Peroutka used to stay close from here before being taken to concentration camp in 1939. Czechoslovakian dramatist and writer František Langer or an architect of Rudolfinum and The National Theatre buildings Josef Zítek used to be locals here. Albert Einstein and his family stayed in the area for two years. You could find other interesting names connected to this place, many of these have nameplate plaques on nearby buildings. This address is gaining attractiveness nowadays and is becoming sought after again.